Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Tale of the Unknown Island Summary

Jose Saramago’s The Tale of the Unknown Island is a stubborn man’s search for an undiscovered island. It’s set-up in a kingdom with a ruler sitting on a throne waiting for gifts offered by his people but ignoring their petitions. The protagonist, however, waited by the door of petitions until the king, annoyed, granted him his wish for a boat. Then, he looked for a captain and a crew. Everyone declined and discouraged him saying all islands had already been named. There was one who volunteered to come with him though - a palace service woman. Still, he felt disheartened by the majority’s reaction. That night, he had an enlightening dream. Then, by morning, he had a name for the boat and the tale ended with the beautiful line, “the Unknown Island finally set to sea, in search of itself.”

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