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"Unsung Giant" Plot Summary

Looking for something new to read? Here's a short summary of Unsung Giant. See if you'd be interested in it...

Author: Jennifer Pendon

Summary by Kerrigan P.

Unsung Giant

Plot summary:

   The book begins with the birth of Thor, who will be known as the Thunder God of Norse Mythology. On that same chapter, the birth of Loki is also introduced, where the leader of the Frost Giants, Loki’s father, begins to plot Loki’s rise to power when he comes of age. Here, the plot is set for the entire story.

Readers are also introduced to the Cube of Life that can give or take life, depending on who possesses this powerful artifact. In this chapter, Laufey, the leader of the Frost Giants, was depicted as someone who is very curious and why there are only nine worlds in Norse Mythology. Here, is took the Cube of Life and used it for his own purposes. This chapter introduces readers to the cause of conflict in the entire story, and what are the adverse effects of this event to the other succeeding chapters.

Odin, the All Father, made sure to retrieve the Cube of Life from Laufey and kept it safe in the vault in Asgard, where no giant or god can take it, to keep all the nine realms safe from tyranny from anyone who wishes to use the cube for evil purposes.

In this book, Loki, the known mischief maker and troublesome god of the Norse Mythology was given a new identity that readers, gamers and movie-goers had not seen before. He is depicted as someone who is intelligent very inquisitive of his surroundings and can verily sacrifice himself for the sake of others – a far cry from the Loki known to many.

When Loki realized that he is different from other children, he began to drift apart from them and would observe adults and their goings-on. He even helped Odin’s generals in solving a puzzle on how to prevent the crusades from turning into a bloodbath that could’ve wiped out the entire human race. This, he did when he was ten years old, living with the gods in Asgard.

It was not long before Loki was faced with the truth that he was not the real son of Odin, the god he had come to know as his father. It was in a dream that Odin’s father, Bor, came to Loki in a dream and made him see his future as the unwitting savior of the nine realms. He made Loki see that if the Cube of Life is not returned to its rightful place, all of the nine realms will be destroyed and Ragnarok, the Great War that will end everything, will come earlier than they expected.

With this unexpected turn of events, Loki confronted Odin and learned the truth about his true parentage.

Loki ran away from Odin’s palace, Gladsheim, and went into the northernmost boundary of Asgard, into the snow-bound castle of the Red Witch, Karnilla. Here, Loki trained to grow stronger, and mastered his aptitude for magic and sorcery.

Before long, Karnilla informed Loki of an attack in Gladsheim, and they rushed to aid Odin and the other gods. The battle that could have broken out was stopped before causing more deaths. Odin knew that the Cube of Life is no longer safe in Asgard, therefore, he had it sent to the mortal world of Midgard, the world of humans, for safe-keeping. However, the courier sent by the All-Father was found dead and the floating city that housed the Cube was destroyed and crashed at the bottom of the sea. Odin grew ill and fell on a deep sleep and cannot wake.

Frigga, Odin’s wife and queen sent Thor to ask for aid from Mimir, the wise old man who guards the Well of Knowledge where king of Asgard drink to gain knowledge. Thor was given a flask of water from the well, which he needed to take back to Asgard and have Odin drink it.

When Loki learned of Odin’s slumber, he immediately sought help from Karnilla in searching for the Cube of Life. Since Odin is indisposed, he took it upon himself to find the Cube and bring it back to Asgard. With the help of Karnilla, Loki gathered the ingredients in making a potion that can allow him to breathe underwater, thinking that the Cube had gone to the bottom of the sea, when the floating island crashed. When Loki got to the ruins of the city, he only found a diary that points him to the next clue where the Cube was taken. It turned out that Odin, ever-suspicious of spies that could have learned of his plans, gave other instructions to take the Cube further into Midgard after its arrival at the floating city.

Loki was able to trace the Cube’s whereabouts into other parts of Earth, and through the passage of time, from the Great Fire of London, to the sinking of the Titanic, until World War II, where he became acquainted with Adolf Hitler.

However, Loki had not counted on Thor’s reaction when he returned from Mimir’s well. One of the ingredients of the potion he and Karnilla made was the hair of Sif, Thor’s ladylove. When Thor returned and learned that Loki shaved Sif’s head, he went mad with rage and followed Loki into Midgard, where Adolf Hitler saw Thor for the first time, and got the idea of his race of pureblooded Aryans.

Thor brought Loki back to Asgard and chained him in a catacomb beneath the tombs of past Asgardian kings. Howerver, Loki was rescued by his own love interest, Sigyn, Loki’s playmate when they were children.

Loki went back to Midgard to continue his search for the Cube of Life, his intent to return it to Asgard and his will to do whatever it takes to the revive the slumbering Odin was stronger than ever.

However, tragedy follows Loki wherever he may be. He was able to get the Cube of Life back, but when he returned to Asgard, Ragnarok had begun and he found out that Karnilla has taken over Gladsheim. It had been her doing all along – the attempt to steal the Cube by means of a Frost Giant attack, Odin’s slumber – everything she did to gain the Throne of Asgard.

Loki pretended to take sides with Karnilla so he can easily move about Gladsheim with no restraints. He and Sigyn visited Thor and Sif, who were chained in the same cell he had occupied before, to take Thor’s hammer, the only weapon that can be used to drive the Cube back into its niche.

Then, Loki decided to confront Karnilla and rid of her once and for all. Using his talent in magic, he cast a spell on Sigyn to make her act as though she is Karnilla’s slave, however, Karnilla saw through the ploy and nearly killed them both.

At this point, Karnilla had grown weak and her spell that kept Odin in slumber had dissipated. Odin had awakened and killed Karnilla. Gladsheim was restored to its splendor and Odin rallied his forces to rid his domain of Karnilla’s monster minions.

Meanwhile, Loki and Sigyn went to Jotunheim, Loki’s true home world and returned the Cube of Life to its true resting place.

When Loki went back to Asgard, repairs are underway. Odin was about to proclaim him as the new King of Asgard, however, Loki, tossed the hammer back to Thor and walked out of the Great Hall, taking Sigyn with him.

He never wished to rule in the first place. His main goal is to be accepted for what and who he is. His acts of selflessness and compassion are enough for him. He never wanted to be King of Asgard, he merely wants to be accepted as Odin’s son – a feat he had rightfully earned.  

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